Marriage-Saver (TM) Layaway

Marriage-Saver (TM) 10% down, 10 Payment Layaway Plan:


Harvey's Pistol & Pawn offers the best and most generous layaway plan in any industry!  Make your selection then pay us at least 10% of your tax-and-all total (minimum $25) and we will place your item in our layaway warehouse with your name on it for a one-time setup of $10.  Thereafter, we expect at least a 10% payment at least once every 30 days until your item is paid in full.  At such time you may present yourself at the shop in Knoxville, TN, if you are a TN resident with valid ID and pass a background check and leave with your firearm.  Outside-of-TN residents will have their firearm shipped to their local FFL after we have received a current, valid image of said dealer's Federal Firearms License.  


It is always OK to make advance payments or to pay off your layaway early. If you fail to make timely payments on your layaway you will be in default. When your layaway has been in default for 5 days or more, we may foreclose your layaway with no notice (on our margins and with the frequency that customers' phone numbers change, we simply cannot give notice) and we will impose a re-stocking fee equal to 25% of the total paid-in or $50 whichever is greater.  The balance of your total paid-in will be available to you in the form of in-store credit for your use at Harvey's Pistol & Pawn as you wish for the following 30 days after foreclosure. We do not issue cash refunds.


OUR MARRIAGE-SAVER (TM) LAYAWAY POLICY IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ALTER THE TERMS OF OUR LAYAWAY AT ANY TIME FOR THE BENEFIT OF A CUSTOMER AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF HARVEY'S PISTOL & PAWN.  The term "Marriage-Saver Layaway" is protected and is the sole property of Harvey's Pistol & Pawn, LLC. with all rights and privileges reserved to it.


REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES:  Harvey's Pistol & Pawn has a No Refunds or Exchanges Policy. Harvey's Pistol & Pawn DOES NOT GIVE CASH REFUNDS. All adjustments, if any, shall be at the sole discretion of Harvey's Pistol & Pawn and shall be in the form of in-store credit. Thanks for your understanding.


Gun sales are regulated in most places and may be prohibited. Harvey's Pistol follows all applicable laws.